Apr 26, 2013

Greidanus Talks about Preaching Christ from the Old Testament

Sidney Greidanus is well known for his work on preaching Christ from the Old Testament. He is the author of Preaching Christ from the Old Testament: A Contemporary Hermeneutical MethodPreaching Christ from GenesisPreaching Christ from Ecclesiastes, and Preaching Christ from Daniel.

In this video Rachel Bomberger, Internet Marketing Manager at Eerdmans, asks Greidanus the following questions:

  1. Why are preachers reluctant to preach from the Old Testament [4:02]
  2. Why should preachers not shy away from preaching Old Testament texts? [5:12]
  3. How does the book of Daniel show up in the Gospels? [6:00]
  4. How can we tackle harder Old Testament texts Christologically? [6:50]
  5. What are some specific examples in the book of Daniel of how a preacher might preach Christologically? [8:20]
  6. What are some common mistakes preachers make in preaching from Daniel and other Old Testament books? [11:48]
  7. What final words of wisdom do you have for preachers and those in training? [14:12]

His closing advice to preachers?

  1. Preach the main themes of Scripture.
  2. Preach the gospel from the difficult and controversial books of the Old Testament.