Never attempt to proclaim what you can not explain! The one most important of the functional elements of preaching is explanation. The arrangement, the illustration, the application, and the exhortation are of little value apart from responsible exposition of the truth of the passage. Homiletics is a helpless sham apart from accurate hermeneutics.

~ Scott Tatum

Homiletics Minus Accurate Hermeneutics Equals “Helpless Sham”

Kerry McGonigal

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In Adam by birth but in Christ by grace. That's my story. Husband to one and father of three. Pastor, homiletics teacher, and passionate proponent of expository preaching. If you like what you've read and want to be notified of future posts, take a second and subscribe via RSS or email (on the right sidebar). Opinions expressed here are my own.

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    […] So if our objective is to let God’s voice be heard clearly and authentically, then we must be faithful in our teaching. And in order to be faithful in our teaching, we must first be right in our interpretation. That’s how hermeneutics and homiletics are related, at least in part. To be right in our homiletics we must first be right in our hermeneutics. Or to put it another way: there is no right homiletics apart from right hermeneutics. […]