Ignoring the Christ-centered canonical context of Scripture is no less reductionist and problematic than ignoring the immediate context of the human author. A wooden application of the grammatical historical hermeneutic that fails to account for the fact that the Scriptures are the supernatural word of a sovereign God errs in the same way allegory does: both approaches exclude indispensible context. One excludes the context of the human author; the other excludes that of the divine author. Christocentric preaching does not mean neglecting exegesis in order to slip Christ in the sermon; it is rather the exposing of authorial intent, both human and divine.

~ David Prince

Christocentric Preaching and a/Authorial Intent

Kerry McGonigal

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In Adam by birth but in Christ by grace. That's my story. Husband to one and father of three. Pastor, homiletics teacher, and passionate proponent of expository preaching. If you like what you've read and want to be notified of future posts, take a second and subscribe via RSS or email (on the right sidebar). Opinions expressed here are my own.

7 responses to Christocentric Preaching and a/Authorial Intent

  1. Great quote! Let me to David Prince’s great blog post! Passed both along to my pastor friends! Really resonated with me as something that needed to be said, was done in fine fashion, and bears repeating and heeding.

  2. *Led*

  3. Amen and amen. (Though at first I thought you were quoting Joseph Prince, and I was surprised he would say such a thing.)

  4. Thanks for linking to the post. I appreciate it.

  5. Glad you found it helpful, John. And you’re welcome, David. I share your your “commitment…to see Christ-centered expository preaching reach every corner of the earth, for God’s glory, the good of His church, and the advancement of the Kingdom of Christ” (as you put it on your blog).

  6. Dr. McGonigal, I officially order you to update the “About” section.